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Help dealerships increase profitability, improve customer, employee retention, optimize operations and processes to deliver the desired outcome.

The Fusion Advantage

Fusion’s unique approach towards helping dealerships is what sets us apart from other consultants.

Our distinct advantage comes from a combination of practical experience and industry knowledge – we understand the constraints that you face and we know how to help.

The key differences between our approach and others are:
While most dealers’ benchmarking relies solely on financial data (lag indicators) to make important decisions, Fusion’s approach is to focus more on operational improvements (lead indicators) while taking financial performance in contextual consideration. We believe most dealers should spend more time on improving business systems and working on key drivers of profitability instead of analysing high-level accounting reports and disputing the results. By working on issues that matter, our clients can see what works and invest more resources in those areas.
We have developed a set of unique proprietary diagnosis software that reduces the time it takes to conduct a full and comprehensive dealership review. This highly efficient process has helped many of our clients gain valuable insight into their organization without the usual exorbitant costs. And when combined with our leading-edge benchmarking system, we are able to help dealerships build performance indicators and action plans that lead to substantial growth and results.
With many consulting providers, clients are expected to adapt to their business systems and processes. We believe that part of developing a feasible solution is to understand your organization and weaving in the systems and processes without creating too much resistance. Managing change effectively is as important as implementing new solutions. That is why we are highly flexible in our approach so that we are able to cater to your needs.

As an automotive consultancy, we only work with automotive dealers and manufacturers. This specialisation ensures that our recommendations and solutions are highly relevant to your industry and specific to your needs.



As the management coaching and consulting division of Fusion Business Solutions, we help businesses in the automotive industry improve overall performance, whether it is in sales & service, finance & insurance, aftermarket & parts, or customer satisfaction and retention.

Our key objective is to help dealerships increase profitability, improve customer and employee retention, and to optimize operations and processes to deliver the desired outcome.

Fusion Performance Consulting also leads our training and technology divisions to deliver tangible and holistic solutions to our clients. Our goal is to work with you to optimize operations and processes, and to deliver outstanding results.

We offer services across the following areas:

The Team at Performance Consulting

Tim McGrath
Tim McGrathDirector Asia Pacific
Craig Rowney
Craig RowneyGeneral Manager, OEM
Pat Ryan
Pat RyanSales & Support
Izzie Yu
Izzie YuOperations Manager, Op2ma China
Edward Fang
Edward FangManagement Consultant

About Us

Fusion Performance Consulting is the dealer consulting division of Fusion Business Solutions.

We are focused on growing dealer profit, improving customer retention and employee skills, and growing productivity by offering innovative solutions using a combination of benchmarking, in-dealership coaching and leading-edge technology.


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