Business Process & Profitability Reviews

Dealership Operational Process Review


This is designed for new Dealers seeking to establish and document operational processes and existing Dealers wishing to review and document their key processes.

It’s not just a matter of having a process or manual, the issue is how well are your processes being followed and how up to date are your manuals?

Many Dealerships don’t have simple operations manuals despite the best of intentions around pulling one together. Many processes are in the heads of key employee’s increasing risk when that employee is away.

Key aspects of this service

  • Fusion provides the framework and person power to finally pull your processes together into a concise operations manual.
  • We take the time to not only document the key processes but also identify any process shortfalls in your business.
  • Increasing staff mobility = increased risks thus requiring better controls.

Key deliverables

  • The Dealership is left with a concise operations manual, tailored to their operation.
  • This addresses the common problem of no process manual and allows you to link in HR and performance monitoring processes.
  • Our input ensures the Dealerships processes are in line with the challenges in today’s operating environment.

Remuneration and Performance Management Review


  • Are your dealerships commission schemes well linked to your performance objectives?
  • Do your commission schemes operate in an exponential fashion?
  • Do your commission schemes work in harmony across your whole dealership?
  • How often do you review your commission schemes or create financialmodels for the future?
  • Are your commission schemes linked with a performance management system?

At Fusion Performance Consulting, we understand the automotive dealership culture, and how it led you to your current remuneration structures. Many of these structures continue to work today but we believe if you periodically re-assess the manner in which staff are remunerated, it will better reflect the modern dealership and drive staff and skill retention.

Key aspects of this service

  • We will help you match your remuneration schemes with performance objectives & operational challenges
  • We will review existing schemes to identify area for improvement
  • We will assess and document the relative “profitability” of each staff member
  • We will challenge conventional thinking and focus on what actually increases profit

Key deliverables

  • You will receive a selection of alternate commission schemes for all departments and roles
  • You will receive a variety of financial modelsfor each commission scheme to help you make informed decisions
  • You will receive commission schemes that play a vital role in motivating your staff to achieve more

F&I performance optimisation


F&I performance is the key to driving your bottom line.

Fusion Performance Consulting is perfectly placed to drive F&I performance with our expert consultancy service and our Finance Optimiser Software.

Successful F&I rely on a proven process, disciplined implementation, and eliminating leakagesin your processes. Our Finance Optimiser software is designed to tighten the processes that drive your F&I success.

Key aspects of this service

  • We specialise in F&I optimisation, and have the track record to prove it
  • Even the best F&I operators can find room to improve their performance by focusing on controls and driving the skill of their staff
  • We help improve the consistency and professionalism of your F&I team

Key deliverables

  • You will receive a clear set of F&I processes – “non-negotiables” that will improve F&I performance
  • You will receive input and coaching from consultants with real F&I experience and track record of improving clients’ performance
  • You will receive the tools and software needed to ensure that systems and processes are adhered to and improvements are consolidated as you go forward

Sales Process Optimisation

Fusion Performance Consulting has developed a unique Sales Process Optimization process that has helped businesses improve their overall sales performance dramatically. This process is called Lost Sales Analysis™.

A step-by-step sales process analysis

To optimize the sales process, we first identify where the potential problems might be.

A profitable sales process is one where most prospects or leads are captured and managed through the sales pipeline with minimum leakage, in sufficient volume, and effectively converted into sales.

To achieve this optimum condition, it is therefore necessary to understand how your sales process works and what potential “roadblocks” may be keeping you away from higher sales and profitability.



There are, potentially, only two ways to increase sales: You either increase the number of prospects, or improve the closing ratio for each prospect.

Knowing where to focus your effort and resources is the key to optimising the sales process. It is also the main objective of our Lost Sales Analysis program.

Internal Control and Job Function Reviews


When was the last time you conduct areview of the internal controls in your dealership?
Are your existing internal controls adequate in today’s operating environment?
When was the last time you reviewed the segregation of duties within your team?
Do employees see any risks that may not be covered by existing controls?

Fusion Performance Consulting provides a cost effective solution to address concerns you may have around internal controls. We understand the pressures inherent in our business and we can focus on areas of greatest risk.

Key aspects of this service

  • We review key processes and systematically check off areas of potential leakage
  • Our consultants know the areas where poor processes can lead to substantial problems
  • Many internal control risks come about through staff and process change – we reconcile what should occur against what is actually occurring.
  • Changes in technology present changing risks, we focus on these areas.

Key deliverables

  • You will receive a one-day onsite review with off-site support and a concise report
  • You will receive a variety of checklists and process tracking methodologies to ensure you have adequate control
  • We will meet with the Dealer Principal before the review to ensure that all concerns are addressed ahead of the review

Used Vehicle Review and Strategy Development


“Used vehicles” is the only department where success is 100% up to you. It is also the department most vulnerable to changing technology and buyer behaviour.

If you had a “blank canvass” how would you structure and operate your used vehicle department in today’s market place?

Have you challenged yourself and your staff to critically analyse your used vehicle department with regards to best practices?

The profit improvements connected with the used vehicle department are significant and will affect all other departments in your organization.

Key aspects of this service

  • We start off by quantifying the profit impact of improvements,and then we pose the question of how to improve to your employees. Often they will have valuable insights into how to grow profit
  • We focus on formalising inter-departmental relationships.Eg,Service and F&I.
  • We undertake in-depth analysis in key areas such as inventory, gross by source of inventory, gross by customer source, cost per lead, service retention, F&I, etc.
  • We will exploit technology and information to drive used car sales performance

Key deliverables

  • You will receive a set of real KPI’s around which yourdealership can assess your used vehicle performance.Decisions will be made based on facts, not gut feel
  • You will received a detailed independent review and report on strategies and processes around valuations, reconditioning, use of the web, load structures, commission schemes, Return on Investments, and key internal controls
  • You will receive a clear vision, strategy and measurement criteria for your entire used vehicle operation