Customer Retention & CSI Services

Customer Retention Management and CSI Reviews


Do you know…

  • What percentage of your sales customers in the last 12 months were repeat customers?
  • What percentage of new-car customers this year have had a retail service in the last 12 months?
  • How many new and used car customers that you financed came off their finance contract last month?
  • When did you able to ask your customers the questions you wanted to ask?

CRM and CSI have been the focus of the automotive industry for many years, and will continue to absorb much time and resource going forward. At Fusion, we work with Dealers to ensure an effective, targeted, and coordinated CRM process to establish a series of Key Performance Indicators that are easy to administer but provide meaningful and actionable statistics.

Key aspects of this service

  • We use your dealership DMS data to determine current levels of repeat vehicle customers and the actual retention of new and used vehicle customers in service.
  • We build a financial model to show how repeat sales and improved service retention impacts your profit – we quantify the true value of a customer for your dealership.
  • We develop a set of CRM KPI’s for the Dealer to utilise every day.
  • We help you determine the effectiveness of your current CRM processes.
  • We provide the opportunity for an “independent” CSI survey – we design a simple survey and get some real feedback from both existing and lapsed customers.

Key deliverables

  • You will receive a concise action plan around key touch points: Which customer to contact, when to contact, and why
  • You will receive real data on repeat sales and service retention, allowing you to do an assessment on profitability due to improved customer retention
  • You will receive structured, dealer-specific, customer surveys and results
  • You will receive a final presentation for your staff on the real position and the impact of improved CRM

Dealer Driven Customer Survey


Fusion Performance Consulting has capacity to assist your dealership in the design and delivery of customer surveys specific to your needs in a cost effective manner.

You can expect unbiased customer feedback in the following areas:

  • Lost Sales – find out why new and used vehicle customers did not purchase from you
  • Lapsed Service customers – discover the real reasons customers stop returning for service
  • Department performance feedback – set specific questions around your areas of concern
  • We can undertake anonymous “mind and mood” surveys of your staff

Key aspects of this service

  • Just tell us what you want to know and who you want to ask and we will do the rest
  • Provide us with a list of customers or prospects to survey and we will undertake the survey in a professional manner
  • We will assist you in the design of the questionnaire and the structure of the output to drive the effectiveness of the feedback for your operation

Key deliverables

  • You will receive acomprehensive report on the experience of your customers
  • You will receive reliable answers to key questions you wanted to ask
  • You will receive the findings and feedback in a presentation that you can use with your team
  • You can also undertake the same survey again in the future when required

Service retention analysis and marketing plan development


This is designed for new dealers seeking to establish and document operational processes, and for existing dealers who wish to review and document their current processes.

This is not just a matter of having a process or manual; the important issue is how well are your processes being followed and how up to date are your manuals.

Many Dealerships do not have standard operations manuals despite their best intentions toput one together. In fact, important processes are often only in the heads of a few key employees, increasing the risk of when those employeesare away.

Key aspects of this service

  • Fusion Performance Consulting provides the framework and resource to put your processes together into a concise operational manual
  • We will document the key processes and identify shortfalls, if any, in your business
  • We help you reduce risks as a result of improved staff mobility, and giving you better controls

Key deliverables

  • You will receive a concise standard operations manual tailored to their business. This addresses the common problem of having no process manual and allows you to include HR and performance monitoring processes
  • Our input ensures yourbusiness processes are in-line with the challenges in today’s operating environment