Dealer Performance Group

Dealer Performance Groupis a proven business strategy that helps drive improved performance for all participants.

Membership in a Dealer Performance Group is a valuable practice that many progressive dealer principals use to maintain successful business operations.

Each group comprises of 4 to 20 non-competing dealerships that meet to examine financial results and departmental operations, and to share problems, concerns, and, most importantly, solutions in a cooperative environment.

The Dealer Performance Group concept began in the late 1950’s when automobile dealerships wanted to compare their operations with other “successful” automobile dealerships. Up to 20 Dealer Principals meet three to four times a year to examine a number of key financial and operating ratios to see how their numbers compare with others from different geographical locations throughout the country.

All group members submit their monthly financials to an independent and confidential data collection centre that converts their financial data to a standardised format. This allows each member to compare their numbers with other members.

These standardised data cover key areas such as

  • Profitability
  • Liquidity
  • Expenses
  • Cash Flow
  • Productivity
  • Departments – New & Used Vehicle Sales, F&I, Parts, and Service

Group meetings also offer members the opportunity to interact with other dealerships of similar size and franchise so that everyonecan analyse each other’s operations and share best practices. Each Dealer Performance Group uses an independent facilitator that will manage discussions and topics between members.

Dealer Performance Groups are a great resource for:

  • Sharing best practices and new ideas from other dealerships
  • In-depth professional analysis of your financial performance
  • Best-in-class™ bench-marking performance targets for comparisons
  • Improving your dealership’s profitability

Fusion Performance Consulting will help you:

  • Network with non-competing dealerships
  • Compare yourself with top performing dealerships and profiles
  • Take an objective approach towards analysing your operation
  • Understand factory programs
  • Improve your bottom line

Our programs include:

  • A minimum of three meetings per year
  • Monthly Financial Composite/Comparison for comparing your dealership to the other dealerships in your group, top performing dealerships, and Best-in-class™ performance targets
  • Special departmental studies such as ROI Analysis, Used Vehicle Study, F&I Study, and Service Study
  • Personalised help from your peers

Financial Reporting


Fusion Performance Consulting has developed a Financial Reporting tool that is flexible, easy to use, and capable of producing high-quality aggregated and comparative reports.

In the past,financial reporting packages have been inflexible due to a combination of old technology, out-dated thinking, and an unwillingness to provide customer-focused functionality.

Our goal is to change the landscape of financial reporting by providing you withhigh qualityand detailed analysis that is user-friendly.

We recognise that not all clients have the same requirements;some franchisor data can become too aggregated and useful information can get lost around issues surrounding the capture and analysis of too much data, particularly concerning the arbitrary allocation of costs.

Our financial reporting system will deliver the following:

  • High quality graphics for intuitive data visualization
  • Built-in logic check and data review to ensure high level of integrity
  • Access to raw data for deep analysis
  • Quick turnaround time for system amendments and enhancements
  • Comparative reports for multiple franchise and location
  • Innovation approach towards data analysis and benchmarking