Dealer Performance Planning & Management

Strategy Development Workshops and Implementation


Do you know…

Which key strategies and projects are driving your department’s profitability?

Who is responsible for driving these projects to completion and when are they due?

What forum do you have for the development of innovative strategies?

Who brings new ideas to your organisation and challenges your team to improve?

How effective is your dealership in driving accountability?

Fusion Performance Consulting helps generate results in the area of strategy development and implementation. We work with dealerships in a cost-effective fashion to maintain focus on key tasks and to review objectives when required.

Key aspects of this service

  • Our experienced team will help youcreate a regular performance management process for your organisation. They will review the success of current strategies and re-work themwhen required.
  • They will provide an objective view of what you need to enjoy exceptional results.

Key deliverables

  • You will receive regular on-site facilitation by our experienced consultants
  • You will receive follow-up management reports of meetings between our consultants and your team members
  • Fusion Performance Consulting will become a resource of innovative ideas, working as part of your management team
  • We will provide a forum for staff development; this will help drive performance while up-skilling your staff as they share knowledge and information

Innovation Development Days


The objective of an Innovation Development Day is to provide a framework for your staff to present and discuss any ideas they may have to improve operations.

We will tailor the workshop to focus on areas that your management wish to address, for example improving CRM, optimizing internal processes, improving staff engagement, recruitment, marketing etc.

Key aspects of this service

  • We provide the framework around which staff can develop and share innovative ideas
  • We act as a catalyst and challenge your staff to improve their operations and not just maintain the status quo
  • We discuss what department results are possible, and which best practices and procedures will help achieve these results
  • Our consultants assist in developing ideas that not only sound good but can be implemented in the dealership environment

Key deliverables

  • You will receive a “to the point” session that challenges your key staff to improve operations
  • You will receive a structured program for your key staff where they can demonstrate their talent and innovation, and acquire an appreciation of what will drive profit
  • Your staff will have a number of documented projects to undertake.These projects could include information gathering, staff education and training, marketing, customer follow ups, or internal control changes. Anything that will increaseprofitability

Performance Budgeting and Business Planning


Given your franchises, location, and capacity, how profitable can you be?

We ask your management team this question and assess their results against current best practices.

Key aspects of this service

  • We will use industry benchmarks in the context of your operation before establishing respective departmental KPIs and objectives
  • We will review each department and interview every manager to discuss opportunities or challenges that will impact overall performance
  • We will allocate days to go on-site to understand your business, culture and staff before working with your people to build business plans and budgets
  • We will review previous results and extract KPIs that will generate meaningful discussions when we meet with department managers
  • No business plan or budget will be produced without the agreement of the department manager and Dealer Principal

Key deliverables

  • This will help you improve your business planning and budgeting whilefocusing on key processes
  • It will challenge your management to assess their performance against current industry best practices
  • It will help you clarify the profit potential for your dealership
  • It will provide each department with a forum for sharing knowledge and ideas that drives profitability
  • It will help establish an “Optimal Performance” level and provides stepping stones to get there
  • It will set the structure for ongoing performance management and remuneration reviews
  • It will produce a set of key action plans for accountability
  • You will receive a presentation of agreed objectives,when the project ends, to the management team

Staff productivity analysis and workforce planning


Do you know that more than 36% of Total Dealership Gross is spent on staff remuneration?

Key aspects of this service

  • We will help drive an appropriate focus on workforce planning so that you get a high return on investment for staff remuneration
  • We will review your remuneration expenses against gross profit and revenue generation
  • We will challenge the management team to justify remuneration dollars in relation to the department’s performance

Key deliverables

  • You will receive an unbiased and objective blueprint around staff numbers based on the dynamics of your operation
  • You will receive clear profit objectives and optimal staffing that we have established with your managers. These will be linked to the structure and profit potential of your operation
  • We will examine the return on investment of your staff costs
  • We will help establish clear trigger points for staff additions or reductions based on the level of productivity
Gross Profit $ Contribution Remuneration % of Dept Gross % of Total Dealership GP spent on Remuneration
New 32% 30% 10%
Used 17% 34% 6%
F&I 11% 30% 3%
Parts 14% 27% 4%
Service 26% 25% 6%
Admin 7% 7%
100% 36%

Staff mentoring, development and training


It is a challenge for Dealer Principals and senior management to provide specific development and mentoring required across a large team.

The need to engage employees never ends, from the 20-year parts management veteran to the new F&I manager, all employees benefit from some form of mentoring and development.

This mentoring program helps you keep key staff engaged with the business while focusing on improving their skills and commitment to the performance objectives of their business unit.

Key aspects of this service

  • Each employee on this program will be individually assessed and a tailored development and mentoring program designed specifically for him or her
  • Senior Management will have input into areas to be developed/mentored
  • We will provide objective performance assessment and discuss relevant ideas and issues
  • We will address issues of isolation
  • We will link your employees with new ideas and concepts.

Key deliverables

  • You will receive a structured mentoring and development program for your key staff. This may include the attainment of formal qualifications
  • You will receive regular face-to-face updates and phone meetingswith our consultants
  • This is a process that will keep your key staff focused on their goals, and will provide them with an external source of support
  • You and your senior management team will receive regular feedback on the progress and development of key staff