In-Dealership Coaching

A typical In-Dealership Consulting exercise consists of the following components:


Fusion Performance Consulting’s approach to growing dealership profits hinges on our In-Dealership Consulting (IDC) Strategy.

In most dealer groups, Dealer Principles and General Managers often struggle to implement change when they return to the workplace. (why?)

In combination with the Ri-Focus™, the IDC provides Dealer Principals and General Managers with on-the-job coaching and consulting focussed on implementing the changes need to increase profit.

Fusion’s IDC supports dealers make that change by providing a systematic and practical approach to the following:

  • Prioritising issues
  • Developing action plans for those issues
  • Providing tools and training where necessary
  • Supporting the dealership through workplace visit, phone and online meetings

Our team of specialist consultants will work with your management team to improve business efficiencies and grow profit. We will provide the expertise in all key business areas, such as:

  • Financial Management
  • Parts, Service and Sales Operations
  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Management Coaching

Developing key management capability is critical to every organisation. Your management team oftenappreciate the opportunity to tap into current best practices and ideas in order to develop their skills and make greater contributions to your organisation

Fusion Performance Consulting can provide a range of coaching and mentoring solutions to help managers grow and develop within your organisation.

We have management consultants who can coach and mentor your team in:

  • Accounting and Business Planning
  • Operational Management in Sales, Parts, and Service

We also provide training support through our extensive Finance Management of Auto Dealerships training workshop series: