Specialist Dealer Projects

Dealer Restructuring and Feasibility Analysis


Fusion Performance Consulting has extensive experience in the area of business restructuring and feasibility analysis. We are able to provide objective and independent input in the areas of:

  • Facility investments
  • New Dealership purchases
  • Staff and management restructuring
  • Capacity analysis

Our experience gives us an intimate understanding of the different pressures driving major decisions in the automotive industry. For this reason,we can provide you with a balanced assessment process prior to you making any major investment commitments

Key aspects of this service

  • We provide objectivity and an independent view of the proposed activity from the perspective of what is best for your business
  • We take the emotion out of decisions and review the facts as they are

Key deliverables

  • You will receive a report addressing key areas of concern that you have identified
  • You will receive a professional opinion on the viability of proposal and reason for the conclusion
  • You will also receive suggested amendments to the proposal
  • You will receive help in preparing for the presentation or report for 3rd parties, if required

Franchise and Finance company applications & business plans


Fusion Performance Consultingis able to assist your dealership in the professional and timely preparation of franchise applications, finance applications and business plans.

Our experience on both the Dealer and Manufacturer/Financier side of the business place us in an excellent position to help you prepare the applications, business plans, budgets, cash flow models and other documentation required by manufacturers & finance companies.

The processcan be extremely time-consuming, particularly if additional data or information is required. Many dealers may not have the skills, experience or time to prepare an effectiveapplication covering all key areas.

Key aspects of this service

  • We provide a checklist to ensure that all requirements are addressed in the application
  • We work with your tem to obtain the information required, and ensure the application documentaddresses all required areas
  • By driving the application process, we also provide the Dealer with feedback around the “soundness” of their assumptions and viability to the operation

Key deliverables

  • You will receive acomplete set of documents for submission to manufacturer or financier
  • You will receive un-biased assessment from our specialists around profitability and viability assumptions on which the application is based
  • Allows you to undertake these activities in private should you wish to keep it confidential from your staff